May 30, 2012

My Hair & God's Mercies...NEW EVERY MORNING

From the moment I opened the cover of this book...there was a connection with Yvette Maher.  I have a facebook page called Life Worth Serving and the motto of sorts is 'Life is messy!'  One of the statements Yvette wrote in her book that stood out to me the most was...

Some parts of life are just messy.  And I believe that God is in the midst of messy, gray areas and unfinished business.

There are very...and I mean VERY few non-fiction Authors who captivate my attention, bring me to a place of relating to their story, and causes me to continue to finish their book.  Yvette Maher has done all three.  

The story of her life is so incredibly moving...not because it's a far out there, can't seem to be reached by the rest of us life.  It's a life that we all, at one point, on one level or another have lived and possibly are still living. 

A country girl at heart and in wear...Yvette, "Tootie" takes us on a journey of a life that is filled with shocking heartbreak, utter despair, gut-busting laughter, and lots of food.  In the midst of her messy life...from childhood to womanhood...are the remnants of a gracious God who didn't leave her in the mess she was in. Yvette shares such dark secrets with us, which not only causes us to be able to relate to her, but to examine our own hidden secrets. 

I loved reading her story...not because she wrote it so eloquently or with such descriptive narrative...but because she was real.  She shared her heart and it felt as if she hid nothing.  As I read her story, it was like I was reading my own.  Our stories are not similar in shape or fashion...but the pain, the loss, the tragedy is all the same.  Not only that...but as I read of the grace that covered her life that could only come from Christ Himself....I was reading of the same grace that has covered my own mess many times over.

As I read 'My Hair & God's Mercies...NEW EVERY MORNING' I got a glimpse of what Yvette finds value in.  First and foremost is Christ...and then family and tradition.  Food is also a big part of her life...not the glutton, closet food addict type.  The tradition and memory type.  Many of her greatest memories with her family is surrounded by events where there is food.  I loved how at the end of each chapter she splashed a few recipes in from her childhood.

I can't encourage you enough to go out and buy this book, or download it to your favorite e-reader!  You will cry, you will laugh (the LOL kind of laugh!), you will feel hope, encouragement, and most of all you will walk away with a deep need and sense to pray and spend time with your Savior.

I received this book from Tyndale House publishers in exchange for my honest review as part of their blogger program.  The opinions and statements are all my own.