Jan 29, 2011

In Constant Prayer by Robert Benson

“It should not come as a great surprise to you by now, but I love words….I love them for their power to move you to tears and to laughter, to action and to rest.  I love their power to transform an argument into an agreement, a hope into a prayer, a moment into something holy”
–Robert Benson

That is exactly what Robert Benson’s words did to me as I read his book, In Constant Payer.  This man, whom I have never met, has moved me to such curiosity about the Ancient Practice known as the Daily Office, also known as daily prayer.  Through the labyrinth of words you will discover yourself getting lost within; Benson will take you through the hidden opening of his personal prayer life.  He explains with such poetry and eloquence the art of the offices, the significance of such offices, and his fear, that like most fine arts, it can become lost. 

I have never heard of the Daily Office until I read In Constant Prayer, and although I may never find myself practicing this style of liturgy, Benson has taken me on a journey of laughter, insight, and a realness that I have not seen in other writers.  He quotes many biblical truths, however there were no references when he was mentioning scripture.  Nonetheless, Benson has illuminated the truth that we are all called to a life of prayer, and the passion that he releases for the art of prayer has moved my soul to search for a deeper, more disciplined life of constant prayer. 

I have received a complimentary copy of In Constant Prayer by Robert Benson from BookSneeze® as part of the bloggers program.  The view and opinions are my own.

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