Feb 13, 2011

The Resurrection by Mike Duran

Each city has its own spiritual environment, unique with its own atmosphere that creates a passageway to the supernatural.  Much like our own cities and towns, Stonetree holds a spiritual atmosphere that has opened a door to a realm of mystery, darkness, and faith.  When Ruby Case, a crippled woman with a simple faith, resurrects a young boy from the dead the town’s secrets are also restored to life.  Was the resurrection a bonafide miracle or could it be related to the Stonetree curse?  That is what Ian Clark, the reverend of Canyon Springs Community Church, which Ruby attends, is going to find out.  As Reverend Clark searches for the truth about the resurrection, he finds himself charting unfamiliar territory as the secrets of his own past and the towns unfold.  The people of Stonetree have only one hope, a wandering Reverend and a crippled woman.  Interwoven with faith, fear, courage, doubt, and a drive to find the truth, both Ian Clark and Ruby find themselves together at a cross-road of decisions. Will their decisions lead them to unearthing the curse that has plagued the town of Stonetree for many generations, or will they find their faith overpowered by supernatural forces that has driven others away in previous years?

Mike Duran paints a beautiful picture of what real faith looks like when we are faced with powers that are greater than us.  He has an incredible ability to bring the characters to life, and creates a descriptive backdrop that would cause anyone to become part of the story.  I found myself relating to the different characters in The Resurrection, especially Ruby Case.  I could relate to her child-like faith, and her connection with an autistic girl named Jilly who has the ability to see angels.  This book is a must read for anyone who seeks supernatural warfare, and an edge of your seat thrill.

I have received a complimentary copy of The Resurrection by Mike Duran from Strang Book Group as part of the book review program.  The view and opinions are my own.

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