Apr 28, 2011

Scent Of Water: Grace for every kind of broken by Naomi Zacharias

The Scent of Water by Naomi Zacharias
As Naomi walks us into brothels, prisons, and devastation around the world, she reveals that life is not a fairy tale.  What we all long for in life, as women, is the fairy tale ending of “Happily Ever After”, however, life sometimes only involves an “ever after”.
Naomi Zacharias shares her own story of finding grace in the brokenness of her own life, as well in the lives of others as she travels around the world to look into the devastation and broken hopes of lives that long for the “Happily Ever After” 
The question that arose in my heart while reading the stories of the women in the brothels, the displacement camps where men begged for vegetables and children homes where babies were left while their mothers worked the streets was “Is God’s grace sufficient?” 
Can God’s grace cover such tragedy?  Such heartache? Such hopelessness? 
The answer I struggle with is “Yes”. 
I don’t truly think American’s know the utter, deep, despair that the world faces.  We tend to close our eyes to such things…because we have been fed the “Happily Ever After” fairy tale for far too long.
Naomi presents to us a challenge.  It is a challenge to see the world in the light of the grace that God offers to those who are broken, imprisoned, and wanting to die.  It is a challenge to offer that grace to those who do not know the scent of water…a living water, that is offered in God’s Son, Jesus.
I have received this complimentary book in exchange for my honest review from Zondervan.  The opinions and view are my own

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