May 3, 2011

UnPlanned DVD Video Review and GiveAway!

Today on Life Worth Serving...I have a video review of the DVD the video and find out how you can win a free copy!!

On May 17th, Unite for Life will be having a live webcast featuring Abby Johnson.  Webcast will start at 8 pm in all time zones.  Go to to join in!

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SandMan 1%ER said...

Dear sister Abby,may GOD richly bless you so much for showing us how this organization works on women. I am a victim of these murderers of my first to be born,by listening to Planned Parenthood,and it was 27 years ago, (twenty seven years ago) and not a day passes that I do not think of my little boy or girl who is now in Heaven. The hurt remains,I have accepted God's forgiveness,but still, the memory haunts my heart and memory. One day I will be free of this pain. God bless you Abby. Sincerly Scott Whipkey

Cherie Clayton said...

Scott, Thank you for sharing your story. I am deeply hurt for the pain that you carry. I pray one day God would heal you completely. Thank you again for coming and sharing with me!