Feb 6, 2012


I was introduced to Patti Lacy through an online book club giveaway.  I was the winner of her book Reclaiming Lily.  Once I started reading, I couldn't put the book down.  The story line was easy to follow and the themes jumped out at you with pain, compassion, and heart-wrenching love.  Although I haven't read any other novels that Patti wrote...she has done an incredible job in this novel.

The story begins with the adoption of Lily, renamed Joy after her adoption.  Lily was born during the Cultural Revolution in China and the Chang family's only option was to put Lily in an orphanage.   The story moves on to Texas, where the adoptive parents, the Powell's live.  However, the cute little girl Andrew and Gloria adopted in China 7 years ago has given up her cuteness for purple hair, and grunge wear.  As Joy's emotional problems unfold and she finds herself in a youth detention center, her past...that she longs to know...meets her face to face.

Kai, the Second Daughter in the Chang family has returned to China from America.  She made a vow to her mother to reclaim Fourth Daughter...and when she sees the Americans whisking her away from the orphanage into the van, her passion and pain grow stronger.  Kai then sets out on a journey to find and reclaim this Fourth Sister.

Patti Lacy has definitely done her homework with this book.  I was raised in a Japanese home (my step-dad was Japanese) and I am familiar with many of the Asian customs, mind-set, and ways.  Patti did an incredible job of making the customs and mind-sets of the Chinese people known through the character Kai. 

The story was an absolutely moving story of the hardships of adoption, not just with those who are adopting the child, but of those who are giving the child up for adoption, as well as the one being adopted.  Lacy touches on some real deep issues that many teenagers face. Cutting, rebellion, finding oneself, and faith. 

Reclaiming Lily is a must read this year.  You will yourself not being able to put it down!

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